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MacMarebito said:
Well considering I was going to only buy an iPod Shuffle which is about $90.... The iPod Nano I am purchasing is already $229. The way I see it Nanos have been around for a while and most likely by January of next year Apple will have a newer more capable iPod and by then I might let my girlfriend have this one. I'm not saying $70 dollars more for an iPod Video isn't awesome but when you take taxes into account it is a bit more than $70 :) . iPod Videos are like the cream of the crop and I'd feel somewhat sore if Apple was to release something better in the coming months :( which will likely happen to my Nano but I'd feel less defeated. Anyone else have any comments on this? I only have until tomorrow when it probably ships........ lol
You also get hugely longer battery life with the iPod Nano.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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