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irontree said:
Why spend $229.00 on a 4gb Nano when you can get a 30gb iPod Video for $70.00 more. What does that give you? 26gb more storage, bigger screen and video capability. Spend the extra cash you won't be disappointed.
There are several factors here. The Nano's smaller size and weight is one. The fact that it is flash-based is another (this means both no worries about damaging the drive if you use it for working out). The flash-based memory also gives the Nano incredible battery life.

On the other hand, if you're the type who likes to have all their music on one player, who is interested in watching video on a small screen, or who needs the option of a lot of external storage, then a video iPod is the better choice.

Either way, price is definitely not the only factor to consider.

Personally, I just bought a 4GB 2G Nano and love it, though I must say I also love my 40GB 4G iPod. They serve different functions. If you think a Nano will meet your needs, get a Nano. If you think a video iPod will meet your needs, get a video iPod.
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