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Well, 2GB will be around 500 average-length songs, assuming that you rip them at the default bit-rate of 128kbps. A 4GB Nano would be good for around 1000 songs. There's also an 8GB Nano. Podcasts are frequently at lower bit-rates, so that's less of an issue.

I guess what you really need to ask yourself is how much music you listen to, and how much you need to carry with you when you're going to be away from your computer. Even if you have a larger music library on your computer, iTunes has some very slick music management features that will easily allow you to dynamically load different content onto your iPod by creating "smart playlists," so you could for example, create a set of playlists that only load on tracks that you haven't listened to in the past week in a certain genre, or perhaps all tracks that you've recently added to your music library, or only tracks that you've rated four stars or more, or any other combination you can think of.

For photo storage, the requirements on the iPod Nano are really quite minimal. Since the Nano screen does not have a very high resolution, the photos are resized when they're stored on the Nano, and you're looking at approximately 48KB per photo, regardless of the size of the original. So even if you put NO music on your 2GB Nano, it could hold 42,000 photos (although the database itself is still limited to 25,000). The photo storage therefore shouldn't really be a big concern in that regard.
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