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How many tracks would you buy per week?

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I only buy CDs. I have never d/l mp3s and probably never will. The AAC codec is better, but still is inadequate for my tastes, so although it's an intersting development to me it won't affect my habits one bit.

You can get free CD-quality (by that I mean 16 bit/44.1Khz audio files, not the wildly innacurrate claims of mp3 players) from the Internet Archive and movie footage (MPEG2) which the copyright holders have made available as public domain or other user copyright assignments (ie personal use). There is quite a variety of music for those who find mainstream CD resellers and the Apple Store are too "popular" for your personal tastes.

You will need a MPEG2 player (QuickTime MPEG2 player, or various freeware versions) for movies and for audio files, a UNIX tool called Shorten to decompress the sound files. It's a lossless audio compressor available from the usual places (macupdate, versiontracker) as a free d/l.

And, of course, because these are high-quality files they will be quite large, so hispeed and some HD space is a must.

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