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How do you retrieve an Apple ID Photograph?

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Hi all,

I have a photo for my Apple ID...but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere.. Not on iCloud, not in photo's, not on my phone, desktop, laptop anywhere.

Is there a way to retrieve the original high resolution photo from the id?

I mean Apple ID obviously has the photo. I've gone to apple -> system -> Apple ID...I can see the photo. If I hover over it, I can actually see the full photo. So The system is pulling it from somewhere, but I am perplexed

Any solutions?
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They probably have the original installed in a vaulted folder
That is weird, because this is what I see. Maybe you’ve got a stale cookie.
That is weird, because this is what I see. Maybe you’ve got a stale cookie.
Sorry I meant to include a screenshot. I don’t see pmead I see pm-r in all of your posts in this thread.
I'm sorry if I caused any confusion, but I thought I had explained everything and why and how in my post #3 above. Just pretend all posts from me actually came from pm-r which they actually did, but just posted by an old seldom-used different username that got used accidentally after I got my Mac recovered from a rather serious crash several weeks ago.

PS: have you had any success locating your photo???

Have you tried using Find Any, in case it might be hiding somewhere on your Mac??? The trouble is, unless you know part of its filename you will have to search by various image type extension names, but that shouldn't take too long. It would certainly be a lot quicker than trying to do it by hand and forget using Spotlight, it doesn't normally search everywhere it could have ended up.

Good luck.

- Patrick
What we have here is a failure to communicate. 😀

When you quoted to yourself it was from pmead. I reread and it looks like some posts of yours you are seeing as pmead? I just took a screenshot I to show you in that thread you quoted from it was pm-r for me. That’s why I was thinking there may be a stale cookie still putting your old username in for you since we don’t see it.

1st world problems. Sigh. 😂
No, what we have here is some communication, but a failure to understand or interpret and comprehend what was said in the communication. ;)

A very common problem in this world today.

Anyway, I still don't know whether you found a solution to your missing photo problem or not.

- Patrick
Thanks again. We definitely are not communicating. LOL I wasn’t looking for a photo. I just forgot to add the screenshot in to explain my post. You said you saw pmead on your post and I saw pm-r. I took a screenshot of what I saw whereas when you quoted yourself it said pmead.
Well, that is definitely an understatement, and I am still under the impression that you have been looking for your original photo as you mentioned in your first post of this thread:

I was under the impression that you are still looking for your original high res photo.
I guess I am mistaken, so end of my help here cuz it doesn't seem to be helping.

- Patrick
LOL I’ve been a Mac tech for 30 years, it’s not that I couldn’t find a picture, it’s what I teach people to do. 😂

I just forgot to post it originally is all. It was the screenshot of your quote to pmead/you showing that your old username comes up sometimes.

My suggestion to the old username sometimes still showing up is to log out of here then clear all ehmac cookies and caches.

Talk to you later, let us know if clearing the ehmac cookies and caches helps the old user problem.
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