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Apple, in keeping with their weekly release of goodness program, just dropped Java 1.4.1 into the Software Update machinery. This is a not-so-insignificant ball of coding with 26 Mb of caffeine-laced liquid. It's also kissed Carbon coding goodbye. Should further help Safari (and Camino?) kick IE's butt.

The Java 1.4.1 update adds the following enhancements :

Improved Java applet support for Safari and other web browsers that support the Java Internet Plug-In.
Up-to-date with the latest Java release from Sun, with hundreds of new features, including built-in support for XML-based web services, enhanced client functionality, and improved performance and reliability.
Java applications take better advantage of Aqua and Quartz Extreme.
Java applications now fully leverage the built-in Universal Access features of Mac OS X v10.2.
Java applications can now be controlled through AppleScript, via the new UI Scripting technology (
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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