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Hi all you Canucks...and a question.

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Hi all. as you can tell, I'm new here. Just came over from the dark side. Very happy so far with my new iMac.
Where do you buy your software? Games, yes, but I'm looking for a simple graphics editing proggy, and for Disk Warrior 4. I have bought some stuff from the MacGameStore, but I'd really like to find an online Canadian store (besides Is there such a place?
Thanks and hi all.

Rich :cool:
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Your first stop for current programs (and updates) should be Mac, Palm, and Windows Software Updates and Downloads - VersionTracker - an excellent resource.

There are piles of free and shareware apps for graphics editing...

If you can let us know your locale, we might be better help. Canada's a fairly big country. ;)
It's good to support your local Mac retailer, they need your business, and out here sometimes that might even end up being London Drugs.
I never hesitate to use Amazon Canada for online ordering, and I feel the same about Apple Canada. Also, when necessary, I order from the U.S. at places like OWC. Our dollar is nearly at par, and as long as you avoid UPS for shipping it's not too painful I've found.
If you can let us know your locale, we might be better help. Canada's a fairly big country. ;)
Check out the OP's avatar, especially the part where it says "Brantford, Ontario";)

Thanks all. The CDROM shop looks like a winner.

And, jb - Mississauga was right.....I changed my avatar right after I read his (or her) post:eek: . I'm used to forums being U.S. based. Anyway thanks all.

Rich :cool:
welcome to the forum, is your nickname based on the original Austin Se7en?

Laterz :)
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