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As this is more technologically and mac oriented I guess it fits in the town hall more then the community centre...

What are your feelings on that Hexley guy?
As the mascot for Darwin (The UNIX kernel found in OS X), I think he kicks... anybody up for Canadianizing him? hmmm Hexley the Beaver ;)

Here he is in all his regalia:

More info @ Hexley's official page ([url][/url]

And if you want the desktop I made featuring this cool Austrailian mammal, go here:
(No I'm not looking for traffic)

Just wonder what people think about this mascot thats pretty much taken Clarus the DogCow's place (well not yet, but hopefully will)

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Chealion wrote:
"What are your feelings on that Hexley guy?"

I think it's a rather clever mascot, especially the pitchfork and the little hat with horns (nice homage to the BSD daemon). Plus, he doesn't look as dopey as Tux.

Stupid penguin.
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