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Help with SuperDrive Firmware Update 2.1??

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ok soo i have a macbook C2D black

and this update was in my update checker

soo i closed all apps and started the update.. it restarted.. and then now every time i restart my book i get this(see attached image)

the other small update worked fine...

The super drive works as it should but the annoying pop up gets on my nerves.. what can i do ?


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Same thing here


I get the same message everytime I start my computer too. I have a Core Duo macbook with a superdrive. The drive is working as it should be.


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yep when i go into the /applications/util folder and start up the update it says same message
I had the same problem on my C2D Black Macbook -- for some reason the Firmware Updater did it's job and then left itself in the startup items.

Here's how to get rid of it:

System Preferences --> Accounts -> Login Items -> Click on the Firmware update in the list and then click the "-" button at the bottom.

I did that and it works like a charm. Oh weirdo Apple Firmware updater ;)
thanks mate :)

is there some way i can tell if it did infact update ??
Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. How do you know if the updater worked?
Taken from MacFixIt - SuperDrive Firmware Update 2.1 (#2): Successes, failures, repeating dialog

"The optical drive’s firmware version will be listed (in System Profiler) as HBEA if your drive is a MAT****A DVD-R UJ-857. Apple does not make it clear what other models of optical drive, if any, require the update."

I just checked on my Macbook, appears as HBEA.
Thanks for all the info guys. Now my MacBook is back to normal working order.
yep that got rid of it tyty , still no idea if it updated.. as i have
Firmware Revision: BE39

but it said i needed it...soo ok what ever its workin thats all i care...
I've noticed little or no difference after the firmware update.

I have the Matsu****a (Panasonic) drive in my MB, and I rarely burn CDs (which is what this update was supposed to fix). I mostly burn DVDs and have not noticed much (if any) change. Oh well :)
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