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Help with a bluetooth printer please!

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I just recently got a Canon Pixima 810 printer and the Canon UB20 bluetooth adapter to go with it. I know I can print just fine over a USB cable so I know I have the right driver installed for that.

The trouble is when I am setting up the bluetooth connection I get to the step in the Bluetooth Setup Assistant where it says, "To complete the set up of your bluetooth-enabled printer, you need to provide a name for your printer." The name is Canon MP810-1 as default and I have left it at that. However when I click the "Continue" button it thinks for a while and then comes up with the message, "Configuring printer" with the little spinning wheel axel icon. After a couple of seconds the following message pops up, "Configuration failed. An appropriate driver for that printer could not be located." Is this specifically a bluetooth driver or somesuch thing? I've seen other folks have had this issue with an Epson printer and it turned out to be a problem with different versions of bluetooth. Both Epson and Canon use something called bluetooth v1.1 and Apple apparently uses v1.5. Are they totally incompatible?


PS I'm running on a 1.5ghz 17" Powerbook with 1.5megs of RAM
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Go to the Canon website & make sure you have the very latest drivers for the printer. I had a similar problem setting up an PM800. Good luck.
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