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help please!

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oh dear, can someone help! i installed tiger and now my mail has dissapeared, and things have begun 'moving" around, documents don't seem to be where they used to be, safari bookmarks have dissapeared, i can't find my inbox for my mail(or outbox- heck there is no mail at all!) I have had to go on getemail to read it!!!!!Before all this started , my computer as taking a lonnnng time to restart.
When it was first installed, all seemed to be okay, slow, but okay....

Please help!
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I do hope you have a cloned backup "just in case".

It's very unlikely anythong has been deleted as long as you "upgraded" to Tiger.

You need to recall what you did when you booted from the Tiger disk and tell us.

It should have said "upgrade".

I suspect you are simply not in the right user and need to switch to your user account.
I can't recall

I can't recall what it said, possible i switched user accounts, how can i check?

I'm going to back up from now on- I really am!
I can't figure out how to find another 'user'

I think you are right- but by jumpin's I can't figure out what to do..........:
Go the Apple Menu, and at the bottom is "Log Out _______" (current user name)

Click on that to get back to the user login screen. There you can see what user accounts are on the machine. (and hopefully find yours there! ;) )
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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