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Help me locate this part please

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I'm trying to locate this part....

speedlink SL-8850
UltraPortable Audio Card USB

supposed to work great no app or drivers required osx sees it right away

Features: Mini USB soundcard with speaker output and microphone input | No driver installation needed | Simply plug it into the USB port | Perfect for Skype

So now I need to find a store that has it. I have googled btw.
Thanks for the help.
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Thanks I appreciate your help.
I want to buy it at a store.
I have never purchased anything from ebay.

Thanks for your help though.

it's this one btw

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I assume you looked at the Griffin iMic and rejected that.

The "Speed Link" seems to be available only in Europe from what I can see.
I emailed one of my friends over there to find out how much it costs.
Actually, I have an Griffin iMic.
I want one of these too:D

EUR 12,99

so $1.50.464 x 12,99=~19.50

I read that bestbuy usa and compusa have them, but in Canada
I have no clue.
Why don't you just buy one from Europe?
It doesn't look as if anybody carries this product in North America.

Here is a short test report in German - run it through a translator if you can't read it.
In a nutshell, audio quality is reasonably good, slightly noisy in quiet passages. Thing that struck me is that the unit is mono only - the reviewer suggests you can buy two if you want to record stereo.
Review: Speed-Link USB Audioadapter SL-8850 - Apfeltalk
Thanks for the link.
The cost of shipping kind of kills it for me.
I did check the idea of buying it from the source, but it more than doubles the cost.

Time to learn some more german.:)
If "Mono only" doesn't bother you, I'll check what the real shipping is if a friend of mine sends it.
Any guesses how much it weights? One can probably send it in a padded envelope.
If it's less than 100 grams, it would be 4.00 Euros
I've seen these devices (not the Speedlink brand but the exact same thing) all over the computer shops here in Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond....they usually go for about $15-20. I can't imagine the devices would be any different than the Speedlink.

Just look at any smallish computer store other than the big box stores.

Do you want it because it's smaller than the iMic?
These are probably the same no-name units you see on ebay by the hundreds - not that speed-link is exactly a household name.
Some times these are fine, but other times the build quality and reliability is the pitts. They probably use the same chip inside and may even be built in the same factory, but the quality control is different.

If I were to buy one like that, I would just get one of the $7.00 US ones shipped to my door.
eBay: USB newest Virtual 5.1 Channel Audio Sound Card Adapter (item 140115165986 end time May-08-07 12:12:15 PDT)
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