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Help!! iBook problem

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My iBook, which is roughly 7 years old, has gone screwy. Chances are it's time to replace this lovely little piece of machinery but I need to get all of my info off of it.

The problem is that I can't access the OS X portion of my hard drive. I partitioned it a while ago, so I still have OS 9 on a 2 GB portion for backup. I zapped the PRAM, and tried the Startup Manager but the OS X portion wasn't to be seen. I'm planning on using a disc for starting up, but want to know if I use the original OS X (10.1.2) disc, or the Panther install disk to make use of the disc utility?

If unable to get into the X portion of the hard drive on startup, can I get all the information off of it? Would it require a specialists attentions?
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