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Help! iBook dropped!

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Hello, the ibook fell off the couch while it was sleeping and now wants to sleep all the time.
I'm able to reboot it while holding the start button but a few seconds after the login screen appears i loose the curser and the screen dims but i can still see the login screen very faintly, almost off....then the computer will go to sleep on its own. The light on the front of the computer will begin to pulse like it normally would when its sleeping but i can do nothing to get it to wake unless i hold down the start button to force a restart only to have all the above happen again.

Could it be that the computer think the lid is closed? maybe a sensor that got knocked around? or could this be some sort of motherboard issue?

If anyone has any idea what might of happened i would greatly appreciate it.

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What iBook are we talking about? :)

My first instinct is to tell you the reed switch is broken. A technician assessment is probably the easiest way to figure out if that's the problem or not.

If this is a G3, there's definitely a possibility that this is a motherboard/backlight issue. I would get it checked ASAP.
Its a ibook 12" G4 1.2Ghz. I'm gonna have a look at the reed switch...if not its off to Apple. If anyone else has any suggestions i can sure use them.

Tricky one... I had similar problems around unwanted sleep/can't sleep with my old PowerBook G4 12". I danced around resetting the PMU etc. (probably worth doing, check the Apple web site for the appropriate sequence for your model) In the end the motherboard had to be swapped unfortunately.
I have experienced a few situations where the backlight is off until logging in to osx and then shutting off again, or once logging into osx backlight goes off. it's the sleep sensor that in your model should sit ontop of the cdrom. it has a little glass tube on it. if it breaks it causes these type of situations. crack it open and see if that's your problem. just unlplug the sensor and turn it on to test.
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