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Hi, I tried a first post earlier today but it still hasn't appeared - noticed there have been technical difficulties. Apologies if two posts appear.

I've been reading other threads about headphones but so far haven't found what I'm looking for. I've finally lost patience with my standard-issue headphones (original Nano) and am interested in noise reducing/cancelling ones that are suitable for classical music (also jazz). I ride the subway daily, and apart from sound quality am concerned about hearing damage - you know you're getting old when!... Last year I tried the Apple in-ears, but had to return them because none of the plugs fit (canals must be very small), so I may be in trouble there. I'm also prepared to try on-ear or over-ears, despite the bulkiness and geek factor.

Am I doomed to spend several hundred dollars here? Would love to stay under $200 CDN if at all realistic (insert :lmao: here). Suggestions appreciated.
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