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It should be noted that the reason these cables are so overpriced (excluding Monster cables, which are always horribly overpriced and are now the joke of the industry) is simply because many of the main things Futureshop (et al) sell have such tiny, tiny profit margins. They have to make their money somewhere, so they make it largely on accessories. And if you're the kind of person who can drop $1200 or so on a **teevee** and not blink, they figure you're good for another few hundred dollars' soaking on accessories. Most of the time, they are quite right.

I'm no fan of Futureshop (et al), but I've been in computer retail so I think I know what I'm talking about on this one. Your average iPod sale nets $10-20 profit, the average $1200 computer system sale nets $100-150 profit (and by "profit" I'm not counting any of the store's costs beyond the actual wholesale).

This is less than 10% markup. Compare this to clothes (300% or more markup) or jewelry (1000% or more markup) and you start to see what I mean. A computer shop can't possibly make a living just selling computers. They HAVE to sell high-profit, low-cost items and maximize the upselling to make sure you walk out with some of them.

This is why I urge people on this forum and elsewhere to patronise local indie shops where possible, even if their prices aren't the rock-bottom best. There are intangibles that are important to support there, and while I'm not saying "get ripped off and be grateful for it" I am saying that this is the paradigm we forced on these companies, so the occasional "full retail price" purchase goes a long way towards helping these companies stay in business.

This is also why so many of these electronics stores are in financial trouble; as consumers get smarter about this, the model becomes unsustainable. A little bird tells me big changes are coming to Futureshop as well ...
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