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Well... there are 3rd party Aftermarket options available to you.

Canada Computers - Hard Drives > Notebook Drives : Hitachi HD 200GB Mobile Harddrive, SATA 7200rpm, 16MB Buffer (0A50940).

That's a 200GB 7200 RPM for $258 -- only about $50 more than Apple's cost to upgrade to 200GB.

Or, if you want the slower one, you can save $$ by going aftermarket -- and then using the included HD as a backup.

Canada CTY Computers - Toshiba 200G SATA Notebook Hard Drive 8M Buffer 4200rpm (MK2035GSS) -Retail store for computer parts,accessories,systems. Location,Ontario,Richmond Hill,HWY7,Tornto,College.

$167 for a 200GB 4200RPM -- save $$ ;)

And the Hard Drives in the MacBooks are dead easy to swap out -- and for the extra $50, you'd have a 120/160GB Backup drive for yourself (depending on what MB model you choose).
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