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I sure have (long story):

I ordered a 500Mhz iBook in August 2001 and received it days before 911.

Anyhow, two months later the hd got noisy to the point of annoyance - I sent it in to Apple. It came back with a fresh drive but within 4 months, this new drive started grinding. I had moved to the Mac because of the supposedly durable iBook and especially Mac OS X; however, the iBook was starting to seem too fragile. I didn't rough it at all - carried it in a WaterField Designs Sleevecase stowed safely inside a backpack - but rest of the time it would sit on a table.

I lived with the noise until November of 2002; I got totally fed up and called Apple. Anyways, they agreed to take it back in and replaced the hd yet again. Already I'd gone through two IBMs (one the original) and was on a Toshiba.

Funny how the replacement drive (Toshiba) was having minor performance problems. WHY CAN'T THEY GET IT RIGHT!!! Every ten seconds when I played a movie, the hd would stutter and video would suffer. The hd would spin and kick with frequent tantrums - not acceptable. I falsely told myself to blame it on the ram, but I knew better.

This was not the only problem, for when I'd received back the 'Book with that new Toshiba, there were scuff marks caused by a technician at Apple. My iBook had been taken advantage of! I only dealt with the scuff marks at the time - I thought the stuttering was caused because I didn't put my 256mb chip back in it because of the repair guidelines. They had also replaced my LCD with a refurbished one (it was scuffed - worse than the one it replaced), because when I sent in the 'Book for the new hd (toshiba), I'd mentioned of a small hairline crack on the display bezel (very minor, yet they thought major). I had no idea why it had occurred - first rev of dual usb was to blame I'd thought.

Apple took back the 'Book for what seemed the millionth time and a great rep in Apple Canada's customer relations promised me a 512mb chip, and new display (lcd, bezel - all in one) to help smooth things over because of their amateurish handling during repair of the 'Book.

Got it back promptly from Markham, but the Toshiba hd was continuing to annoy me. Wasn't my fault and no 'Book should act so crappy with 384mb installed an stutter while playing a medium sized trailer. I'M RAMBLING SORRY. This time when I phoned Apple, I learned their service depot in Markham was now closed - I had to drive to the closest Apple Authorized Dealer. OR, MAYBE THEY WERE JUST SICK OF ME!!! Not very convenient for me; the closest people who could look at it were North Star Computers in Barrie, 100km away.

So on I went to Barrie at my own expense. They concluded the hd was not performing within spec and confirmed with Apple that there seemed to be a problem.

The rep I'd dealt with before agreed I'd gone through hell, and replaced the problematic iBook with a brand spanking November 2002 model. I did go through hell with all the repairs, but look at the specs I once had and what I got in return.

Old: May 2001 500Mhz iBook - 384mb, 20GB, DVD, 8mb (crap - no quartz extreme support) video card

Replacement: November 2002 800Mhz iBook - 640mb, 30GB, COMBO!, 32mb Radeon (SWEET QUARTZ EXTREME!!!)

Recap of what AppleCare gave me:

- problems and solutions!
- 2 new hard drives
- refurbished LCD (worse condition than original, replaced original because of bizarre hairline crack on bezel)
- brand new LCD (the whole top part of the iBook - clear top, bezel, hinge and LCD only come as one part - I know they're are the screws on the sides but this is Apple's policy - they can't just replace the bezel I was told)
- new middle and bottom casing (new trackpad, button, etc) because they scuffed the casing, pry marks from getting to the hd) *** at this point I had only the original guts of the 500Mhz - everything else was absolutely brand new and I wondered why they didn't give me a new machine at that point. I guess they didn't want me spreading word of them handing out new 'Books - oops, too late!
- 512mb low profile so-dimm (because I was without the "Book for so long, that they had to satisfy the customer)
- all those shipping costs via Purolator (Lots, but they probably have a sweet business deal going with them)
- 1 brand spanking new 800 iBook


I did have to trade in the 256mb chip for the 512mb, but that's one helluva solution to a frustrating problem. NO ONE SHOULD BUY A MAC WITHOUT APPLECARE. Otherwise, I would have had even worse problems. The whole ordeal cost me only $20 - gas to Barrie Too bad they upped the prices of AppleCare. Now it costs $389 to get it for an iBook! Yikes - at least mine got transferred over to the new one.

This new rig absolutely screams with in Jag, with the bump from 256 to 512k L2 cache, faster bus and maxed out ram. Games are like butta and the visualizations in iTunes are much faster - three times in both rough and normal. I've tried out TiBooks (667s and 800s) and this one feels similar in response. The hd is extremely quiet. I've checked the specs and it seems to be a fluid-bearing drive (IBM) - very nice.

This iBook is everything last year's should have been; however, I need a SuperDrive, internal Bluetooth. So these new Pow'Books are what I'm lusting after, but I wouldn't mind a 15" Al if they become available. I'm figuring on putting my 'Book up on ehMac, sooner than later. Got my iPod up for sale now.

Just thought I'd share a little (BIG) story. It ended nicely! AppleCare pays itself off. You never know what problems will surface.

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I had to use Applecare twice in my long line of Macintoshs.

First, a processor died in my dual processor Mac (1GHz - first version). Seems there was a bad batch 'o processors.

3 days down time. Used my Powerbook in the meantime.

Second, the battery in my iPod wasn't lasting as long as it should. 1 day to get the box to ship the iPod back, 1 day at Apple Canada to verify the problem, 2 days to get a brand new iPod from Cupertino.

That's it.

I've enjoyed excellent service and uptime from my Apple products.


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I've used Applecare 3 or 4 times. 2-3 times to replace a HD on a desktop (different desktops each time) and once to fix my Powerbook - it just froze. They ended up replacing the whole guts of the Powerbook... the logic board, the power board, the CPU, etc. Basically I got a whole new Powerbook except for the case.

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I personally have not had any problems with my G4 400.

One buddy had the power button on his Dual G4 450 go a couple of times. But he did not purchase the Apple Care Plan.

A couple of guys at work have had to send their iBooks in: Start Up problems, Toshiba Hard Drive... etc.

I did not purchase the APP for my Tower, but I would totally buy it when I get my PowerBook.

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I havn't had any problems nor some of my friends who bought their macs either. I guess if i bought a notebook or something more prone to damage etc, i'd buy the applecare package.

Or.. you can just buy it with extended warranty if you get it from future shop.

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