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Have people gone Mad????????

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This kind of stupidity cracks me up. Hahaha, it's like the G4 processor was just introduced. :D
loL it's the ebay crowd, they are fanatical!
I hae sold many an item on ebay for more than it was worth to some crazy person. :D And I'll do it again!
Yeah, it is really hard to find a deal on eBay these days. I was recently looking to pick up a digital camera which was discounted over a month ago by the manufacturer ($200 rebate in the US). But people are still bidding higher on eBay for used and refurbished units than the cost of getting a new one with a full warranty!

I think the problem is that eBay is so popular now (my parents use it!) that more and more ill-informed people, not doing their homework, drive up prices in all the bidding "excitement".
I never find good deals on eBay - except today. I was looking at 366 MHz iBooks and they are actually selling for the price I expected - less than $600.00 CDN for most models.
People are completely retarded when it comes to bidding on eBay. Eveyone gets into a huge bidding war over the dumbest things.

My advice - learn to snipe, people. Stop bidding 6 days before the auction closes!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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