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March 2, 1904: Dr. Seuss is born

In a Massachusetts town they call Springfield
As his fans know is true.
The author was born, and he liked to paint, too.
Theodore Geisel was his name, but he changed it to stay.
Dr. Seuss, he became, as he's known to this day.
His start was in ads, and magazines, too.
He soon switched to books, at least one on a zoo.
He rhymed about ham. He rhymed about things.
He rhymed about Grinches and Sneetches and kings.
His words made no sense. But they always rang true.
With whimsy and fun, he knew just what to do.
His books they are loved by the old and the small.
He was sure to include a wink to us all.
Some books became films. Some were a fable.
If you looked hard enough, there is always a moral:
Be good and be kind. Be bold. Go outside.
Dr. Seuss has sold millions and millions and millions of books.
From Horton to Yertle, we've all had a look.
Through forties and fifties and sixties and on, as they say.
His books were quite popular.
And remain just that way.
So here's to old Dr. Seuss and the stories he made.
In 1904, he began on this day.
– Eric Atkins, with apologies to Dr. Seuss

Canadian By Choice
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