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Saw this little piece in today's Sunday Gazette:



Name: Stephen Paul Jobs

Occupation: computer innovator, very rich guy.

Birthdate: Feb. 24, 1955

Birthplace: San Francisco

Parents: adopted by Paul Jobs, a machinist, and Clara Jobs, an accountant. (He found his birth mother, Joanne Simpson, later in life, but always said Paul and Clara were his "real parents.")

SIblings: Mona Simpson, a novelist.

Education: Homestead High School, Los Altos Calif., dropped out of Oregon's Reed College.

Marital Status: Met Laurene Powell when he gave a speech at Stanford, married her in 1991.

Personality: Drives people very hard but can also be mesmerizing and inspirational.

Famous Friends: Jobs dated Joen Baez in the '80s. Elle Fitzgerald performed at his 30th birthday party and Bill and Hillary Clinton have come for dinner.

Early Days: grew up surrounded by apple and plum orchards in what later became Silicon Valley. At 13, he got a summer job at Hewlett-Packard, where he met future business partner Steve Wozniak. After dropping out, Jobs worked at video-game company Atari for a few months, then took off for India. On his return, he joined Wozniak's Homebrew Computer Club.

Apple: Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple in 1976, building their first computers in the garage. They sold the Apple I for $666, the Apple II, introduced in 1977 was $1,295, and the Apple III. brought to market in 1980, cost up to $7,800. 1983's innovative Lisa was user-friendly, but too expensive at $10,000.

The Macintosh, unveiled in 1984 in a famous Super Bowl commercial, cost $2,500, and sold like proverbial hotcakes. All the same, in 1985 Jobs was forced out of Apple by John Sculley, the man he had hired as CEO two years earlier.

He startes NeXT, hoping to create something even better than the Macintosh. But the NeXT Cube, plagued by production delays, and priced at $10,000, never really caught on. A more successful move was Jobs' purchase of Pixar (later famous for Toy Story and Finding Nemo) from George Lucas in 1986. In 1996, Jobs rejoined the Apple family.
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