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Pity the poor lonely sod in Canada who drove down to Seattle, bought a Zune, activated their wifi and is still waiting to find anyone on the "Social".

Perhaps they aren't selling it here because Canadians can spot a piece of garbage? Microsoft has its good points (the 360) but they screwed up royally by squelching PlaysForSure and releasing a player that was not significantly better than its contemporaries. What message did that send to their commercial partners and potential customers? No doubt Zune 2.0 will be better, but Apple, Sandisk, Creative and even Sony have upped the ante significantly. It's just that Microsoft cannot cede this market. My guess is that only when MS has an iPhone clone that's a hybrid of Windows Mobile and a compelling piece of hardware will there be any chance of a significant impact for MS in handhelds. By that time, Apple will likely have brought out the busiPhone.
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