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Has anyone else noticed the dearth of Griffin Powerpod car adapters in Canada? I am assuming this is because Griffin recently changed the firewire cord on it and the colour of the actual auto adapter.

I've had one on order for about 3 weeks and I've checked other places but all say their suppliers are out of them save for MacWarehouse (but I want to avoid the shipping costs). I prefer the Griffin because the firewire cable is detachable & I can therefore vary the length of it as needed.

I like the new firewire cable better but I am anxious to get the charger as I drive about 2 hours each day & since my iPod is playing through an FM transmitter, I find I have to crank the volume which tends to wear down the batteries quickly. Has anyone else noticed a rather quick battery drain when doing the same? I find I go down about 1 bar/hour but the volume is quite high.
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