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Great un-muzzeld answer....

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Geesh, maybe he should call us Taliban lovers instead...
OTTAWA — Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor suddenly stopped answering questions on the treatment of detainees in Afghanistan last Thursday, after it became clear he was unable to fend off the furor over the issue.

While Mr. O'Connor was aware the question was directed his way, he squirmed in his seat and would not stand up to answer. After an awkward pause and some Opposition heckling, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day finally stood up and offered an unrelated answer.

“Mr. Speaker, prisoners, numbers of prisoners, details about prisoners are operational matters and they are not revealed in public,” Mr. O'Connor said.

Guess the truth is too hard to say....
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big surprise, ex military leader all of sudden becomes accountable and has to answer for his actions or lack thereof and apparently doesn't like it and prefers to remain mute
Maybe he could be one of the warm-up acts when the Bushies are put on trial at the Hague?
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