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Got a Fantom external hard drive

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Fantom external hard drives and e-SATA issues

Hi ya'll, I'm new here. My name is Robert, and I am from Camrose, Alberta. I thought I'd share my experience with e-SATA drives and my MBP.

I recently bought 2 Fantom external drives. One terabyte each. They are cheap but work very well, and they have external SATA (e-SATA), which is great for speed.

I use this for video editing on my MacBookPro. I had to get an Express Card in order to use e-SATA, and after some research, I got a cheap card by Rosewill. After installing the drivers from the CD that came with the card, it works great!

Couple of drawbacks - the express card doesn't exactly snap in there firmly - it's kind of loose and you have to be careful not to move around the laptop while the card is in use.

The other issue I ran into with the Fantom drives was that the eSATA cable I used didn't go deep enough into the drive. I thought the drive was faulty and I sent it back. They said nothing was wrong with it, so I figured out the problem. I carefully cut off some of the extra plastic around the plug of the cable, just enough so that it would plug "deeper" into the drive interface. The plastic prevented a connection to be made between the cable and the drive. It works like a charm now, and it is so FAST to work with data on an external drive now. Working with HD video is no problem at all with Final Cut Express - hardly any dropped frames at all. Data transfer is super quick.
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