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Google URL hacking: By date? (aka dumb website searches)

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Many websites have adopted Google as their own internal search engine, rather than build one themselves - nothing wrong with that.

But some websites implement it in the stupidest way possible.

Take, for example, a newspaper like the Halifax Daily News. The search box is prevalent on all pages, and lets you specify a www-search or a Daily News-search.

The results are displayed in large font and are easily readable.

But: There's no By-Date option. It's a frakking newspaper! Where time-sensitive data is the norm.... if I want to follow the progression of a particular topic, why should I have to hunt through hundreds of pages of results to do so?

So here's my question: how do I hack the url to do a by-date search?;GFNT:804000;GIMP:804000;FORID:11&hl=en
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