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Good day. I registered here because I myself was looking for a fix for my father, yet like so many of you here I couldn't figure it out.
He had the same issue with his older Macbook and asked me to look into this, but I did find out the fix in the end. I'm hoping to share it here so you can all enjoy your system again.

A reinstall of macOS Catalina temporarily fixed his problem, until automatic updates brought the issue back.
Reinstalling Safari (the installer package for Catalina) did not fix anything.

In the end, the (very simple!) fix comes down to the following:

In the Safari Menu Bar, go to Develop >> Experimental Features >> then check both WebGL 2.0 and WebGL via Metal.

If Develop is not in the Safari Menu bar, go to Safari >> Preferences >> Advanced >> and tick "Show Develop menu in menu bar" down the bottom.

I hope this helps out most of the folks in this thread. Have a nice day!
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