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Google ends DTO Video Purchases, leaves customers in the cold.

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So Google has decided that as of August 15, they will no longer be offering Video for purchase on their site. The kicker? Anything you have purchased on their system, will be completely useless come the 15th!

Google selleth then taketh away, proving the need for DRM circumvention

Furthermore, Google is not refunding the total cost of the videos. To take advantage of the credit Google is offering, you have to spend more money, and furthermore, you have to spend it with a merchant that supports Google Checkout. Meanwhile, the purchases you made are now worthless.
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Oh dear. Never thought Google'd be a company to shoot themselves in the foot. Listerine, now fights Google breath.
So Google listened to their customers and are making good on giving people refunds on the videos they purchased! They managed to get the bullet out of their foot and heal the wound!

Official Google Blog: An update on Google Video feedback

You can still keep the Google Checkout credit that you've received already. Think of it as an additional 'we're sorry we goofed' credit.
Yay Google!
I read the title and wondered why you were saying they left them in the cold, from what I had heard they were going to refund.

It was one of those google services no one really cared about. A lot of people think google is just a search engine company. Now they may be able to pull something similar off with youtube, since it is quite an established brand. Will they try?
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