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I have a weird issue occasionally with my iMac that can only be resolved by disabling SIP.

I have two user accounts on my iMac, and the Guest user is enabled. When I log out of the Guest account, the iMac will never turn the display off and never go to sleep - the screen will stay alive at the Login user selection screen. This ONLY happens when I log out of the Guest account. If I log out of any of the user accounts, the display and the system does go to sleep.

The only way this can be resolved is to disable SIP. The when I log out of the Guest account, everything goes to sleep properly.

Funnily enough, I then re-enable SIP, and the system continues to work fine until the next time the issue occurs.

And it was not Apple who resolved the issue - they have never heard of it and could not even understand what the issue was. I found one more person in the world who just happened to have the same problem a few years ago and he had resolved it thus.

However, I do not use Chrome, so I hope I am safe for those few minutes when SIP is disabled.

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