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Good Morning Sunshine

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Good morning, Sunshine. Great days for the races. What race, you might ask? Why, the Human Race. Paix.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dr.G.:
Robert, my mother always said that it was a good thing that I could teach so well, since I couldn't sing or dance. Thus, no songs from me.

Peter, my home office faces the St.John's narrows and Signal Hill, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Early morning sunrises are spectacular when they rise up out of the ocean. Actually, I would rather be sanding with you than grading. I enjoy teaching, but not the evaluation aspect of it all. Such is Life.
Okay, I'll jump in on this one. Sorry about the previous blank msg.

Dr.G I've read much from you here on many things and I agree with the writer above...many smiles generated. Did you not however recently have a down moment while grading papers to deadline? Regardless, being able to look out your window and see that sunrise and the ocean by simply raising your head from your work must bring some measure of reality and the value of "The Big Picture" back to you.

That's why I bless my lovely wife daily for bringing me to the mountains from which comes my strength. Life is too short and I'm reminded of that daily as I see my children grow up, my parents age, friends move on in relationships, etc. But such is life! The living keep on going because life goes on. Platitudes and cliches perhaps but there is a truth ringing in them. Find your passion and follow it.
"Eye ball freezing weather" is what her brother keeps forewarning me, and so I shall be prepared.[/QB][/QUOTE]

Does he not remember two years ago when everyone was wearing shorts at the outdoor cafes over Christmas? We're expecting +14C tomorrow although the media forecasters are quoting +9C in case the expectation is too much for us. Always warmer during the week than at the weekend it seems, although I recall Grey Cup here was much more comfortable than Edm last weekend. Being from there originally, I bless the Chinook and her warm embrace which, as I grow older (yikes) mitigates the cold when it does arrive.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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