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Good Morning Sunshine

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Good morning, Sunshine. Great days for the races. What race, you might ask? Why, the Human Race. Paix.
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Mink Tea, glad to hear that, since we aim to please here at the Cafe Chez Marc, located on the windy corners of Jobs and Woz in beautiful downtown ehMacLand.

What is the significance of you online name?
Robert, my mother always said that it was a good thing that I could teach so well, since I couldn't sing or dance. Thus, no songs from me.

Peter, my home office faces the St.John's narrows and Signal Hill, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Early morning sunrises are spectacular when they rise up out of the ocean. Actually, I would rather be sanding with you than grading. I enjoy teaching, but not the evaluation aspect of it all. Such is Life.
Chealion, thank you for the compliment. I shall share it will all who teach -- from preschoolers to adults, K-12 and post secondary teachers. As well, I shall compliment parents who provide language-rich and stimulating home environments. Still, it's nice to be noticed (check out, click on Canada, and then the Atlantic Provinces and then Memorial University of Newfoundland and then G to find Marc Glassman) or go to you own university to see who might still be there and how they fare.

Rhino, I had what can best be described as a "comic relief/manic" moment. I am rarely "down", but I dislike grading. And, since my vision problems cause me to need to move away from grading papers, I turn to the kindred souls in beautiful ehMacLand for a bit of grading R and R.

My wife is from Calgary, and we are going to visit over Christmas for the first time in winter (I have only experienced Calgary in the Summer, Spring and Fall). "Eye ball freezing weather" is what her brother keeps forewarning me, and so I shall be prepared.
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Rhino, we shall see.
Everyone sing!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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