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Hi all, in the days of making money and keeping people happy I got to thinking of a idea used by a awesome radio station in Alberta ( are a public broadcaster and use the support of the listeners locally (Alberta, BC, Sask etc) to survive...they also use the internet listeners for support to...they have a subscription base for it's listeners and it works great...I for one would pay a monthly fee to apple in order is have .mac, and all the updates that come out every so oftan...but also for people who subscribe to this would get major updates for free (eg panther) the reason is that Apple would have a constant cash flow from it's user base instead of waiting all year and then selling the update for $200...this way they have the money to put in development etc of new updates all the time...the monthly fee I guess could range from $10 to $40 a month...but considering that you would get all the benefits of .mac service and major updates free would be a good thing for me!...let me know your ideas....cheers, Mark
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