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The post on Apple warranties prompts me to share the experience (and, in fairness, impressed amazement) at Apple's global supply chain...

I bought two machines recently. In the first instance the iMac was made in Korea, Microsoft Orifice in Ireland and the order consolidated in Luxembourg before being shipped to me in London. The process took about a week and could be tracked on the system of the Dutch (Rotterdam based) shipper as well as by phone to the Irish (England based) road haulier!

The second machine was my PB-Alu-12. This time it was made in Taiwan and sent to me via Luxembourg. I later bought a LaCie drive which was sent from Ireland but then went dead, so is going back to Holland for swapping...

Now here is where the warranty and Apple service center come into action: a disk is stuck in my Superdrive, so I called Applecare (in Ireland, via a free number in London), who gave me the address of a technical centre in London who had a look at the machine and told me the following: accessing the superdrive on the PB12 is so complex (about three hours) that they don't do it locally: the machine goes back to Apple service in Holland. The whole process including shipping is normally 3-5 days.

So I am going to call Applecare: they will collect and deliver, as well as organise all the international shipping. My learning here is that service centers concentrate on easy swaps, but that any heavy lifting is done centrally.

Now who said that the European Union was not a reality or that global supply chains were still years away?
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