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Ghost Recon has been out for a short while now. The following is just my two cents worth on the game.

Ghost Recon is a tactical shooter, you lead squads of troops into futuristic (2008) Russia. Since some Russian Nationalists have decided to ressurect the Iron Curtain, and this is of course bad. So highly trained soldiers are sent in to deal with the problem.

The Graphics

The graphics are great, on my G4 733 I can run the game fine with settings on medium and at a resolution of 1024x768 at 32 bits (or millions of colours).

The levels are very expansive and well made.

The Sound

The sound is intense, the music is very well done too. Great sounding wepons, ricochet effects, and the voice overs are very well done as well.

The Gameplay

This is the best part about this game, whether playing single or multi-player, this game is great.

You can choose between being a Rifleman, Support, Demolitian Expert, or Sniper. At least initially, I think there are more options later in the game. My personal favourite is the sniper.

GR has very intense action and requires lots of strategy. You cant just rush into a situation. You have to place your troops properly and then attack. I nearly had a heart attack playing this game, its not for the faint of heart.

Like the add said: "If you see them in combat, you're already dead."

If you enjoy shooters check it out. I have never played the original Rogue Spear so I can only assume Ghost Recon is similar.

It is a great alternative to mindless shooting games like Quake, UT, or RTCW.

A great addition to the Mac OS X game library!

My two cents.
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