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Getting a Mac Pro!

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Hey all,

I'm looking to order a Mac Pro, I've been waiting for them to show up in the referbs for 3 months now, still nothing. So, I'm thinking of getting the 2.0 ghz and using the savings on ram, I see Canadaram has Techworks ram, anyone have history with this kind of ram? We do alot of Photoshop work, but I was going to leave the video card with the 7300/256mb. I have two 21" Sony Crts, will this card suffice?

What do you think? This machine is replacing a G4/733.

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With the extra RAM that machine should work great for your use.

Regarding the video card, the standard Geforce 7300 should be fine to drive two CRTs. The card has two DVI ports. What type of port does the CRTs have? VGA? If they are both VGA (and neither has a DVI port), you will need an extra DVI-VGA adapter. One DVI-VGA adapter comes with the Mac Pro. Maybe you already have this.

I don't have any comment on the RAM. Never used that brand.
Did you try Macdoc?
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