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Howdy All,
So, I just tried to make a nice loooong post with all of my scripts put in nice little code boxes, explanations about what each does, and what other stuff (besides geektool) i used to create my desktop. Alas, it was lost when safari crashed :(
SO.. for now, I'll just post screenshots of my desktop and ask...
are there any other geektool lovers out there?
wanna post screenshots & show off your awesome geektool setup?
don't know what geektool is, but consider yourself a geek, like making your desktop truly your own, and want to find out more?

here are screenshots of my setup...
main display (external monitor)

secondary display/HUD (my mbp's lcd)

you can view different sizes by going to my flickr page here

to find out more about geektool, why not check out all articles on lifehacker tagged geektool?

if anyone's interested, i'll be happy to post more detail about my setup (i've gotta tell someone, and - don't ask me why - apparently my girlfriend isn't interested!)

(other programs used to create my desktop - bowtie, icalbuddy, widescapeweather yahoo widget, magnifique)

happy geeking!

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Big fan of GeekTool here - don't use it as much anymore as it's not actively being developed by anyone.

I have the uptime output on my desktop most often and for when I'm hunting for RAM I use the following command to display the top 5 RAM using applications:

top -n 5 -o rprvt -l1 | tail -n 5 | awk '{ printf "%5d\t%-10s\t%4.1fMB\n", $1, $2, $(NF-3) }';
For what it's worth the pictures don't show up because they've either been deleted from Flickr or they aren't publicly available.
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