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Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say hi and give a little introduction.

Professional Firefighter in real life, but vintage computer restorer/collector and general all-around nostalgia guy (just ask my poor wife!). lol :)

Ran a BBS waaaay back from the early 90s until 1998 or so (when the shiny Internet super highway took all the callers away).
Actually used the lock down time in 2020 to start rebuilding my old bulletin board, Dark Systems BBS. if anyone's interested.
Still running RemoteAccess like it's 1992! Only now, over Telnet instead of dial-up. :)

Was quite involved in the Demoscene back in the 90s and still am to this day.

My wife and kids went to visit grandparents over the Christmas break, but I had to stay and work...
So while they're away, some of my favourite toys came out to play. :)

A few of the machine's I've restored / am in the process of restoring.
I enjoy finding new uses for these classic machines.

View attachment 94739

Looking forward to getting to know like minded people here!
Take care
Dark Systems BBS

What fun to see these old machines in action. I used to restore these and ran - on SE/30's - a mailserver, a webserver and a listserver. This was quite a few years ago so you caused my heart to flutter when I looked at your setup!! These were lovely machines. Is that a color classic running there?

If you could use an Osborne, I have one lying around which I'd like to give to someone who will use it - hate to throw it in the dump. I have the 5-1/4 floppies for that with the OS (CPM) and Wordstar I think. May even have Visicalc (can't remember).

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