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G5 Design = Whole Lotta Love

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Design According to Ive,2125,59381,00.html

Talks about designing the new G5 Power Mac. Absolutely stunning. Interesting bit here -- seems you can run the machine with the door off with no problem:

Ive picked up a clear plastic cover that sits inside the side door. It is oddly shaped to help air circulate inside the G5.

A purely functional component like this would have been paid little heed by the rest of the computer industry, Ive said. But it was made transparent so people could run their machines with the door off.

"People have disconnected (function) from cosmetics," he said, with a shake of his head.
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You still need to have that plastic cover in place for the cooling. There's a sensor that'll prevent the machine from starting up if the plastic cover is missing. Sorta reminds me of those PC cases with the side-view window.
Anybody gonna add some neon to their G5?
I run my G4 with the side door down on many occasions (wanna freak PC guy out? Open a G4 while it's running and show him the inside. They tend to freak out "OMG! what are you doing! Power down first!")

It's neat to see the need for the transparent part to be in place. Although maybe not as eye-popping as without it...

As for modding it with neon/glowy lights... Probably I would. But I'm also easily distracted by shiny objects.

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