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The Panther upgrade program has been extended to Jan. 31/04. Form has to be postmarked or faxed in by then.

Up-to-Date Info-Canada

Also available on Apple Canada-Francais. According to the form, these seem to be processed in NB.

This covers many more "new" computers than perhaps considered "new"-just have to be bought after Oct. 8/2003
Qualifying list

There should be a sticky to this somewhere until it's over; I'm sure many people aren't aware of this; I've had some clients lately who bought new computers from local "Apple Authorized Resellers" in Nov, Dec. who weren't aware of the Panther upgrade program until I told them about it.

There is also a program to obtain 9.2.x install CD's for US$19.95 (shipping/handling) for those who have purchased retail Panther, but I've only found reference to it on US Apple site. This runs to Mar. 1/04. US Apple Link
There was a similar program during the early months of Jaguar release.
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