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I read through the site and it was okay. I honestly don't care which is better or which is faster. The author seems a bit disgruntled to me. The writing was also quite poor.

I found this quote interesting.

Yes it does! And it does it alot. The difference between a pc based on Windows crashing and a Mac is that on the pc the crash is in 99% of the cases caused by badly coded third party software, when the Mac just has a faulty operating system.
All I know is that my iBook has only crashed a few times in the last year and my wife's eMac has not crashed in the few months that she's had it. My PC used to crash 3 or 4 times a day. My wife's PC wouldn't do much of anything. Sure, maybe many of the crashes were related to third party drivers, but where the hell else am I supposed to get drivers for third party products?

Perhaps we just didn't know enough about how to properly maintain the software and OS properly. I guess we just weren't smart enough to operate a PC. Or, maybe the makers of the PC and its software weren't smart enough to make something that just plain worked.

All we want is a computer that works and our PCs were not able to do that for us, so we switched to Mac.

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