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My Apple/Macintosh museum is bursting at the seams. So, reluctantly, some stuff has to go. I'd rather give it away than have it contribute to landfill.
It's all free if you pick it up - Yonge & Eglinton area in midtown Toronto. My hours are fairly flexible - weekdays & weekends, daytime & early evening.
Please email or call; no PMs. arne (at) sympatico (dot) ca Phone: 4 1 6 3 2 2 three zero five two, 10am-8pm.

Photos at bottom of posting. Can take more photos if requested.

I prefer local pick up. I'll ship for a nominal fee to cover shipping and packaging. Please be aware that some of the books are hefty.


Apple USB Mouse (puck)
• From the Apple Dept. of Innovative Design But Lousy Ergonomics.
• Model M4848, Graphite.
• Came with the original iMac. It’s the 2nd version with the small indent to help the user find the button.
• Clean and in excellent condition.

PC/Mac Monitor Adapter - Interex brand
• Adapts PC monitor (VGA) for use with Mac RGB Video port.
• Many configurations available via 10 DIP switches.
• HD15 Female (PC) - DB15 Male (Mac).
• Including User’s Manual and original packaging.

US Robotics Sportster 56K Modem for Macintosh, including:
• Power adapter & cord.
• Mac-to-modem cable (I think it's a Serial connection).
• User’s Manual.
• Quick Installation Guide.

Floppy disks
• 25 x 1.44MB, various manufacturers.
• 10 x 800kb, 3M, brand new in original sealed package.
• 35 floppies total.

Floppy disk case
• Clamshell style, see-through lid.
• Holds 100 floppies in 2 rows of 50 each; includes dividers.

• 64MB, PC100, 168 pin SODIMM

SOFTWARE (these versions work only with OS7 and/or OS8 and/or OS9):

ATM 3.8.1, Adobe Type Library, floppies, printed manual.

ClarisWorks 4.0, Canadian version, update to v.4.0.5, floppies, printed manuals.

Cradoc CaptionWriter IV (v.2.1.2 for Mac), database & slide captioning application; prints self-adhesive labels; floppy, printed manual.

Conflict Catcher 2, floppy, printed manuals.

DiskFit Pro 1.1C, floppy, printed manual.

faxSTF 2.2.3, floppies, printed manual.

faxSTF 3.2.3, floppies, electronic manual.

FileMaker Pro 2.1, floppies, printed manuals, original box.

FotoQuote 1.0, (stock photography pricing aid), floppy, printed manuals, box.

Microsoft Word 5.0, floppies, with “Teach Yourself Microsoft Word 5.0” book & tutorials on floppy.

Now Utilities 6.5, CD, electronic manual.

Now Utilities 5.0, floppies, original box, printed manual.

Now Contact & Up-To-Date 3.5, floppies, original box, no manual.

QuicKeys 2.1.2, floppies, printed manual.

Quicken 4, floppy, original box, printed manual.

U.S. Robotics 56K software CD - mostly Windows software.

All books are in excellent condition. Some are mint.

Macs For Dummies by David Pogue
• First edition
• Includes the updated pages from the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th editions
• 344 pages

More Macs For Dummies by David Pogue
• 2nd edition
• includes updated pages from the 3rd edition
• 390 pages

Upgrading and Repairing Macs
• Authoritative guide to expanding your Macs capabilities
• 1012 pages
• First edition, 1994

Quicken 2000 for the Mac - The Official Guide
• Take control of your finances with this Intuit-authorized guide to the #1 Personal Finance Manager
• Covers Quicken Deluxe 2000 for the Mac
• 418 pages
• Brand new condition

Internet Starter Kit (for Mac)
• 990 Pages
• 2nd Edition
• Includes Bonus Software Disk
• MacTCP
• MacPPP & InterSLIP
• Anarchie
• Eudora
• MacWeb
• Turbogopher
• Brand new condition

The Internet for Macs for Dummies
• The ultimate Mac book for getting on and using the Internet.
• Comprehensive coverage of email, Web browsing, newsgroups, modems, etc.
• 356 pages
• 3rd edition
• Brand new condition

Netscape Communicator 4 for Mac — Visual Quickstart Guide
• Easy visual approach to learning.
• Hundreds of step-by-step pictures.
• Works like a reference book — you look up what you need and then get straight to work.
• Beginner and intermediate levels
• 360 pages

Photoshop 5/5.5 Wow! Book
• Includes CD-ROM with before & after layered files, actions, and more.
• Step by step instructions.
• Fully indexed
• 360 pages

Adobe Photoshop 3 Classroom in a Book
• Official training workbook for Photoshop 3.
• Developed by the staff of Adobe Systems Inc.
• Large format, 263 pages.
• Includes CD-ROM of Lesson Files.

Photoshop 3 For Dummies
• by Deke McClelland
• Beginner and intermediate levels
• Covers image editing and painting/drawing
• 340 pages

Norton Utilities Version 3 Owner's Manual
• Very detailed
• Good old-fashioned printed Owner's Manual with comprehensive index
• 300 pages

Thanks for looking.


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Wow, what a trip down memory lane! :cool:
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