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Theft caution.
With extended time away from offices and the rush rush of the holiday season this is an time of year to be very careful about the potential for theft in your office or studio.

People should also be careful of setting anything portable down this time of year - they grow legs and also with offices unattended it's a favorite theft time.

Between now and mid January we will likely have to replace a 1/2 dozen systems lost to thieves.
The killer is the data of course.
If you get hit once you can count on likely getting hit again within a few weeks - hey they KNOW you replaced them.

off premises backup highly adviseable right now

In our own backyard to speak

"This was posted on another BBS I'm involved with and I thought it may be of interest.

A poster here on the FCP Cow wanted some info on this company. It seems that the deals were just too good to be true. And you know what that means. I found this story on MacSlash today in regards to that company.

"Macintosh Fraud Alert! A man named Derald Dutchak, the owner of MacWhizShop, in Barnaby, Canada, is a fraud and has a website claiming to sell brand new Macs at discounted prices by buying from auctions and closing businesses. His website is: I was alerted to this man because he is FRAUDULENTLY using a photograph of me and Steve Jobs on his website (click on "About Us" at the bottom of the site), and is pretending that he is me. He clearly stole this photograph off of my own website. The photo of his supposed "retail store" is another fraudulent photograph -- ripped off from Creative Computers in Santa Monica, California. I was not one of his financial victims, but it appears that there are many victims who order a Macintosh from him and never receive it. He claims to have a problem with your VISA -- says if you would like to pay by another method, he will ship once funds are confirmed. Once money has been received - nothing. He then stalls people by saying it's on back order, doesn't reply to anyone, no matter how many emails you send."

The full story is at:

I hope that original poster on the forum took everyones good advice and stayed away from this fradulant seller. "

There is also a fair bit of activity in the ATM card area. Watch for anything attached to the card slot or a camera up above even if it matches the decor perfectly.

Out of the ordinary - report it - don't use the machine.

Keep YOUR holiday happy.
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