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Flip phone for partially deaf?

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Hey everyone,

My wife is partially deaf and needs a new cell phone. It is only a slight hearing loss and mainly the upper register is faded.

She prefers flip phones and hasn't even looked at some of the nice, loud, non flip phones that I've suggested.

Can anyone here suggest a flip phone with a nice loud internal speaker? The ringing volume is not too important as she can usually find a ringtone that she can hear, but the internal voice speaker must be loud.

She really likes the Motorola KRZR. Anyone have any input on this phone? It was recommended by the phone shop robot but, naturally, they didn't have one she could test.

Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated.

Have a good one.

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I'd 100% recommend that you take a look at Telus Mike phones, they are built like bricks and stupidly loud. My grandfather can even hear my phone!

I've got an i305 (black brick) and an i860 (slim flip phone) and both are pretty good. Check them out. The plans are great too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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