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Flip 4 Mac Problem

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I am having trouble playing wmv files in quicktime or in any browser. I have flip 4 mac but when i play any wmv file in quicktime i just get a white screen in the window and no audio but i know it is playing because the timer of the file is running. Also when i play a wmv clip in my browser i get picture but no sound. Can anybody help me?
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Did this start right after you ran a system update? Check to see if your version of Flip4Mac is up to date.

Also try creating a new user profile. If the problem does not exist in the new profile the issue is probably going to be found in:


Preferences or Caches with Flip4Mac in the actual file name.
thanx for your help but thanx to today's quicktime update my problem has been solved! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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