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I'm sure there's no way this is going to happen, but it would be beyond awesome!

First woman in space ready for 'one-way flight to Mars'

Russia's Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to go to space, said on Friday that she was ready to score another coup and fly to Mars, even if it would be just a one-way trip.

"Mars is my favourite planet," the 76-year old told a news conference in Zvyozdny Gorodok (Star City) outside Moscow, home to a cosmonaut training centre.

Ms Tereshkova, who became a national heroine at the age of 26 when she made a solo space flight in 1963, said she had been part of the group who studied the possibility of going to the Red Planet.

"But we know the human limits. And for us this remains a dream. Most likely the first flight will be one way. But I am ready," she said.
Tereshkova, then 26, flew into space aboard the Vostok-6 spacecraft on June 16 1963.

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