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Firewire expresscard recommendations?

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Firewire expresscard recommendations for video capturing/editing?

Hi all,

Looking to use my macbook pro for video editing (Final Cut Studio) and bought an external fw800 drive to store/edit my video. Only after this did I find out that I can't use the fw400 and fw800 ports at the same time. Therefore, I'm looking to buy a firewire expresscard so I can capture video to my external hard drive. Does anyone have any recommendations? It can be either 400 or 800, doesn't really matter to me at this point. I was thinking of this one: Belkin : FireWire 800 ExpressCard™ , but from the limited reviews out there it doesn't seem like it can handle what I need it to do.

Or maybe I should ditch the external fw800 drive and go sata (external drive & expresscard)?
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Nobody has any advice?
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