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firefox not responding, usb ports not working

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so i have two issues...

firefox hasn't worked since several updates ago. everytime i go to use it, it decides to not respond and i have to force quit out of it. i have deleted it and gotten a new version of the program, to no effect.

my usb ports aren't recognizing anything i plug into them. is this a motherboard issue, most likely? i've already had it replaced once.

thanks in advance...
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Josh, regarding the USB ports, try this...
It has, on occasion, been known to revive USB ports.

The Firefox thing is odd. I think I'd do a search and delete everything to do with Firefox, pref files, caches, plugins, etc. Then reinstall Firefox.

I sincerely hope that your logic-board isn't at the root of your USB problems. Unless you're still under AppleCare that is?
both of those seemed to do the trick... i'm still under apple care, so i'll be watching the usb ports carefully, but my external drives are working like a charm

thanks : )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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