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As far as I know, a police report needs to be filed regardless of any possible recovery attempt or insurance claim.

One exception was a local friend, even though he had phoned to police of the theft of his iPad and Touch, he tacked them to a neighbours house not too far away, and I thought he was taking a real chance when he just walked over to the house, knocked on the door and said his iPod and Touch had been tracked there, and the guy just got them and handed them to him.

Vert few words exchanged I understand.

A bit chancy for me to attempt I think.
What could go wrong?



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Interesting discussion.

A few months ago, I sat on a chair in a big box store showroom. The chair looked good, but it was assembled wrong and I landed on my butt on the floor. Luckily my injuries were not serious.

I posted about it here and asked if I should pursue a claim against the company. Most people were supportive.

The response I remember the most was from someone berating me for even considering a claim because it would drive up insurance costs.

I did pursue a claim so that the company had it on record that the problem occurred. I settled for an apology and a token amount of money. My family had a nice dinner on the proceeds.

Now here we are demanding that the police drop everything and actively try to recover our iPhones.

So let me puzzle this out. Sue a company for negligence BAD because that companies insurance would go up. Involve hours of police time recovering elite things GOOD?

Sure, report that you lost your phone so the police can record a trend, but let's not tie up resources that could be better deployed elsewhere.

The cost of having the police recover an iPhone would be much more than the settlement I got for my claim on the big box store.
I am hoping your rear has recovered? plus you enjoyed a free meal ?:lmao:

But an iPhone and or IPad is a costly device which is worth the discussion..
If you claim your device with insurance, they will hold that claim for 10 years on your record.. so this thread is a valid discussion about involving police for an item that is worth $500 +.. if you are mugged or robbed? is not the job of the police to search and recover? also last I checked on the side of the police cars it reads "TO SERVE AND PROTECT" so unless that has changed, then they should.. Otherwise what is their purposes? [ other than shooting a penis welding, ttc riding patrons LOL ]

The police get paid $100Gs+ - sitting watching TV at the station or riding the streets .. so money is spent, so make them work. :)
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