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Finally! A program to instantly sleep iMac displays...

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I found a program that will sleep/shut off the iMac display without sleeping your iMac! This also works on a MacBook if you don't want to turn the display down to 0.

Line Street Widgetry - Line Street Widgetry

There is an APP and a Widget version of this.
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Looks like a nice feature. I'll have to DL it when I get home tonight!
To hide porn from your boss? ;)

Would work well, until it beach balls one time and gets you fired. :D
it would be ideal for downloading torrents over night and don't want the screen to light up my whole apartment...
kevs: You can just go into your preferences and set the display to go to sleep, but disable the put computer to sleep slider. Your display turns off and everything keeps going, I do this all the time.
new sleep app for Mac

kevs~just kevs and bhil,

Uh yeah that is what I'd like it for. Didn't know if talking about torrents on this site was alright.



Yes, that is how I put my iMac to sleep now but wondering if this app is any better. Also I used to wonder if putting it to sleep that way overnight was harmful in the long run to my machine.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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