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Last week, a friend and I were wondering what happens to geese that die in Toronto? You see all sorts of other dead animals but never a dead goose so we threw around a bunch of difference scenarios.

One that I would love to do as a short film is to pick out a bird in a flock, have it walk towards the camera, the camera zooms in towards the goose’s eye, all the while there is an overlaid audio of a heart beating, zoom in towards the goose’s eye until it fills the screen, the sound of the heartbeat slowing, zoom out, beat slows and dies and, then, the bird just goes *poof* in a cloud of gray ash a la War of the Worlds. Voila! :lmao:

Any suggestions as to what will I need to accomplish something like this? Am I totally out of my depth here which is about oil-slick deep? Thanks!

Alternatively, if any of you want to do this as a school film project maybe we can collaborate? :)
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